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Title Date Character Type 
1. Lost in Space 1997 Don West movie
2. Ed 1996 Jack "Deuce" Cooper movie
3. Friends 1994 Joey Tribbiani television
4. Looking Italian 1994 Anthony Manetti movie
5. Vinnie & Bobby 1992 Vinnie Verducci television
6. Top of the Heap 1991 Vinnie Verducci television
7. Anything to Survive 1990 Billy Barton movie
Runaway ( Alanis Morrissete)     music video
Miracle ( Jon Bon Jovi) music video


He play's a stuggling actor, who has little success with employment or relationships. Joey shares an apartment with Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) in the New York sky-rise. He's a bit of womaniser and hasn't been able to hold down a long-term relationship.