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Matt LeBlanc was born in July 25th, 1967 in Newton, Massachussettes.

After getting a motorbike when he was eight, Matt decided that his life was going to be that of a proffesional racer. Matt's mom put her foot down and made him train to become a carpenter instead. Before become a star, he was so broke that he had to sell furniture to buy food.

He took the advice of a friend to investigate a career in modeling. Matt moved to New York City to persue his modeling career. By 1987 he had obtained parts in international television commercial, and is probably best known in a Levi 501. He also appeared in commercial for Heinz Ketchup where he orders a hot dog, aswell as working for Coca Cola and Doritos.

Matt started formal acting training in 1988, and one year later he earned a starring role in the American television series "TV 101". He relocated to Los Angeles where he has apeared on TV programs such as "Top of the Heap", "Vinnie & Bobby" and in the movie "Anything to Survive". During summer 1996, he starred in the upcoming "Ed" which was directed by Bill Couterie.

Matt now lives with Lady, a dog he purchased for $40 from the pound, and who became one of his first friends when he moved to Los Angeles.